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Winter News


We have updated and clarified our privacy policies so that you may have confidence in how we handle your data. For more information click our DATA PROTECTION POLICY

Congratulations to our Hong Kong distributor, Povee Chan of Top Music International, who has won a 2018 Audiophile CD Award for his remastering of The London Violin Sound. Read about the Award here.

Brexit Bonanza!

Our loss! With the fall of the pound against the dollar, Brexit gives our North American customers more value! You will receive a 10% discount at checkout on all orders.


Cala Records is pleased to announce that it has entered a Label Collaboration with Signum Records. Signum will be taking over the management of the Cala catalogue, which eventually will be sold through the Signum website. In the interim, orders may still be placed on this site. For queries or problems, please contact the Technical Manager.
Look for the Cala-Signum label for new releases and represses.

New Releases

Nigel Waddington's second disc for Cala showcases his vocal and instrumental arranging skills.

Geoffrey Hanson presents choral, vocal and instrumental works.

The debut album from the outstanding young Australian clarinettist Som Howie.

"A stunning debut, not to be missed." David Mellor, Classic FM website

Raising the BAR

Artists of exceptional achievement with recording projects of "Discovery and Rediscovery" are invited to contact our Bespoke Artist Recording programme. Click here for information.

String players click here too!

Residents of the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and Australasia please click here

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