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Corporate Links

Paxman Musical Instruments The UK's specialist horn shop www.paxman.co.uk
Warwick Music Specialist brass and wind music publishers www.warwickmusic.com
Camac Harps France's sole manufacturer of concert harps www.camac-harps.com

CD Links

babymusic.com Music for babies, children and parents www.babymusic.com

Artist Links

Richard Bissill horn www.richardbissill.com

Anthony Chidell horn www.horncups.com

Laurence Davies horn www.laurencedavies.com

Pip Eastop horn www.eastop.net

Anthony Halstead horn www.halsteadmusic.co.uk

Tim Jackson horn www.onyxbrasspublishing.com

Nicholas Korth horn www.conchord.co.uk

Frank Lloyd horn www.franklloyd.net

Jim Rattigan horn www.jimrattigan.com

Gwilym Simcock piano www.gwilymsimcock.com

Martin France drums www.martinfrance.com

Chris Baron marimba www.allbluffandporterage.com

John Parricelli guitar www.johnparricelli.com

Isabelle Perrin harp www.isabelle-perrin.eu

Catherine Beynon harp www.catherinebeynon.com

Gabriella Dall'Olio harp www.trinitylaban.ac.uk

Claire Jones harp www.clairejones.co.uk

Ieuan Jones harp www.ieuanjones.co.uk

Skaila Kanga harp www.ram.ac.uk

Ghislaine Petit-Volta harp www.trioantara.com

Charlotte Seale harp www.ibacusharpcourse.com

Ernestine Stoop harp www.ernestinestoop.nl

Karen Vaughan harp www.ram.ac.uk

Catherine White harp www.harpserenade.co.uk

Suzanne Willison harp www.willison-kawalec.com

Richard Bissill arranger www.richardbissill.com

Tony Rickard arranger www.roh.org.uk

Paul Sarcich arranger www.paulsarcich.com

Phil Rowlands audio engineer www.philrowlands.com

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